PhDays 2012


The PhDays 2012 are the 14th instalment of the annual get-together of Scientific Computing PhD students which takes place either in Belgium or the Netherlands and were started back in 1998. They consist of a weekend where we will undertake various activities such that all PhD students can get acquainted in an informal setting.

The PhDays will 2012 be held right after the annual Spring meeting of the Werkgemeenschap Scientific computing, from 11-05-2012 to 13-05-2012 in Vielsalm. More information about this vacation home can be found on their website.

We look forward to seeing you in May!


The PhDays 2012 are made possible by the generous contributions from the following sponsors, to whom we are very grateful for their support.

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen VORtech UGent
DCSE wonder KU Leuven
Universiteit Antwerpen MEFD casa
Universiteit Utrecht Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica


The PhDays 2012 organisation consists of:


  1. Abdul Hanan Sheikh
  2. Ali Ibrahimoglu
  3. Anastasia Bukhvostova
  4. Annelies Lejon
  5. Arne Defauw
  6. Bas Fagginger Auer
  7. Ben Jeuris
  8. Bram van Es
  9. Catherine Daveloose
  10. Charlotte Sonck
  11. Clara Mertens
  12. Davy Hollevoet
  13. Elwin van 't Wout
  14. Gorkem Simsek
  15. Jelle Peeters
  16. Jeroen De Vlieger
  17. Laurent Sorber
  18. Matthias Humet
  19. Nele Lejon
  20. Nilgoon Irani
  21. Roel Van Beeumen
  22. Sam Corveleyn
  23. Timo van Opstal
  24. Virginie De Witte
  25. Wagner Fortes
  26. Wybe Rozema
  27. Xunxun Wu

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